Prostate Cancer can be dealt with simply.

Selenium kills Prostate Cancer

Risk of prostate cancer

About 1 man in 9 will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer during his lifetime. Prostate cancer develops mainly in older men. About 60% are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older, and it is rare before age 40. The average age at the time of diagnosis is about 66.

As a preventative the consumption of one or two brazil nuts a day is a minimal requirement compared to the potential of Prostate Cancer as you get older. If you are allergic to nuts then there are Selenium supplements you can take. So do one or the other from as early an age as possible.

Prostate cancer affects men. This small gland is located beneath the bladder and in front of the rectum. It is actually part of the reproductive system and helps to make the fluid that is known as semen. Semen is needed to carry sperm, so a healthy prostate is needed for proper ejaculation and fertility. Prostate Cancer occurs when the prostate gets larger.

As men get older it is natural for some enlargement of this gland to occur. However, in some cases, this can be a sign of very serious Prostate Cancer. This type of Cancer can make urination and ejaculation painful or difficult, and can greatly affect reproductive and sexual wellbeing. But asides from complications and pain, Prostate Cancer can be seriously life-threatening. The pressing issue of Prostate Cancer has led to extensive research on treatment options and preventative measures. In particular, there has been interest in the use of particular vitamins and minerals to naturally prevent and control this form of Cancer.

One mineral that has proven to be particularly important is Selenium. 

In several different medical trials and scientific studies, it has been found that low levels of Selenium in the body can lead to a lesser risk of Prostate Cancer. In particular, it is known that this important mineral can actively defend the body against the development of Prostate Cancer.

This is because it can support the effects of antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress from occurring in the body. When oxidative stress builds up it can lead to Cancer. So it is important to ensure that antioxidants are able to fight this in your body.

Getting enough Selenium optimises the Cancer preventing benefits of antioxidants. Asides from this, it is thought that Selenium can encourage the immune system to destroy tumours.

If you are at risk of Prostate Cancer or are concerned about your future Cancer risks, then it definitely worth ensuring you have enough Selenium in your diet. People with low Selenium intake can reduce their Prostate Cancer risk just by getting more of this essential mineral in their diet. So if you are a man over the age of 50 it is especially worth watching out for Selenium.

Diet for Prostate Cancer

Now that you know how important Selenium is to your health and wellbeing, you may want to know how to include it in your diet.

There is not actually a huge range of foods that contain Selenium. For those who don’t eat meat, dairy or shellfish, there are even fewer food sources. This means that most vegetarians and vegans may struggle to find good food sources of Selenium.

However, the good news is that you don’t need a lot of Selenium in your diet at all. As a trace mineral, you only need a ‘trace’ or a small amount of it in your diet. Even a small portion of Selenium-rich foods could be enough to meet your Recommended Daily Allowance of 55 mcg. Although, if you want to treat health conditions with Selenium then you may want to get a little more Selenium than the RDA suggests, just under 200 mcg.


Organ and muscle meat are known to be rich in Selenium. The liver is a good option since it is rich in nutrients and healthy enzymes. Although an unusual choice of meat, it tends to be cheaper and offers a unique flavour to meals.

Try swapping traditional cuts of meat for organ meats to increase your Selenium intake. Poultry can be a good source of Selenium although in most cases this is only true of organic and free-range poultry. Fish, eggs, and dairy foods also contain a significant amount of Selenium and can be included every now and then as part of a nutritious and healthy diet.


With plant foods, most of the Selenium they contain depends on the soil they were grown in. Soil contains Selenium which is absorbed by the plant roots. Depending on the geographical location of growth, the Selenium concentration of plant foods can vary quite a bit. Generally though, if a plant food is considered to be rich in Selenium you can be sure that it has enough to help you meet your RDA.

One of the absolute best sources of Selenium is Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are certainly the most concentrated plant food when it comes to this trace mineral. Just one Brazil nut provides you with up to 95 mcg of Selenium. This is almost twice an adult’s RDA. In a recent New Zealand study, Brazil nuts were found to be a far more preferable source of Selenium than supplements. If you are not a fan of Brazil nuts, you can also look to walnuts to support your wellbeing.

Including a Selenium rich food like these nuts in your diet regularly should negate the need for any supplement in the first place. Other plant foods that contain a notable amount of Selenium include various cereals and grains, raisins, onions, garlic and kidney beans.

Having a variety of these Selenium-rich foods in your diet can help you to meet your daily needs for this trace mineral. Asides from this, it can certainly help you to support long term health and wellbeing. Whether you want to prevent Cancer or support cognitive (brain) health, you can rely on this mineral to help you.

The most potent Prostate Cancer Killing Plant is Wasabia japonica - Wasabi.

But not the stuff you normally get with your Sushi. That is normally a mix of horseradish, mustard and artificial colouring.

I am talking about the real stuff - it is a plant and doesn't require anything else to be added to make it taste the way it does. It also naturally contains the highest amount of cancer killing ingredients yet  found in the plant work. Here is more information about this amazing plant.

For those of you do not like the taste of Wasabi then there are supplements available. The ones we recommend is the SAWA brand which does not contain any additives or fillers of any kind. They are 100% Pure Wasabia japonica rhizome powder in a vegetarian capsule.

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Michel Van